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About Us


At Cyber Compound, we recognize that technological advances are paralleled by evolving cybersecurity threats. This belief in the interconnectedness of cybersecurity efforts is embedded in our name — 'Cyber Compound'. Our mission is to keep you informed and proactive in the ever-changing cyber landscape. We specialize in crafting precise cybersecurity policies, offering tailored awareness training programs, and providing expert cybersecurity coaching to strengthen the resilience of both individuals and organizations.

Founder and CEO


Rachael Marks Klein, our founder, graduated from the University of Maryland Global Campus with a degree in Cybersecurity Management and Policy. Rachael is driven by the synergy between people and technology, emphasizing the human aspect of cyber systems. She founded Cyber Compound to not only educate but also empower businesses and individuals to effectively prepare for and respond to cybersecurity challenges. Her approach combines rigorous policy management with a focus on the people who implement and benefit from these technologies, ensuring that our collective cybersecurity framework is robust and inclusive.

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