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Studying for the Security+ Exam

The Security+ is an internationally recognized certification that validates a person's knowledge and ability to perform the baseline skills in Cybersecurity. This is one of the most sought after certifications for those starting their career in Cybersecurity. The Computing Technology Industry Association is a global neutral vendor non-profit organization that issues professional certifications for the IT industry. 

I'm going to provide you with a few resources I've personally used as well as resources others have used to pass the Security+ exam.

Get Certified Get Ahead by Darril Gibson

This book/study guide was the main source of where I studied from. The information provided is clear, informative, and enjoyable to read. It's perfect for someone new to the field, as it doesn't overload you with industry talk. At the end of each chapter there is a review quiz and the end of the book you are provided with a final exam with 100+ questions. I used the Kindle book version for $9.99, but you can purchase a paperback for $34.

Professor Messer Security+ Youtube Videos

Whenever I was on the road or at home doing a bit of nothing but still wanted to be proactive, I listened to Professor Messer on Youtube. If you've ever had to study for an IT Certification, you know of Professor Messer. He's the go to person for preparing for any CompTIA and Cisco certifications. The course has 141 videos that are categorized  and compartmentalized based on the CompTIA Security+ exam Objectives all for Free ! Each video clip roughly ranges from 5-20 minutes. To go along with that, his website provides comprehensive notes, practice exams, study groups and many more options ranging from $25-$99.

Go certify has free practice quizzes for Security+ . I used this site as a simple review. It's a good resource to brush up on what you've learned. The questions are a bit basic but it still gets your mental juices flowing. Each quiz has no more than 10 questions.

Cybrary Security+ Training Course

Cybrary is a Cybersecurity Training and Career Development website. They have a course that specifically prepares you for the Security+ exam. In order to utilize these resources, you will have to create a free account for this platform. 

Mike Myers on Udemy

This is a Security+ course taught by Mike Myers on Udemy, an online learning platform.  He provides a plethora of resources for those preparing for certifications like the A+, Network+, and  Security+. He teaches this course in an entertaining way, according to the reviews I've seen on LinkedIn and the Udemy site.

Study Tip: To reinforce what I learned, I wrote down all I knew on all the topics within each domain from the exam objectives. It was a good way to make sure I am familiar with all the terms.

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I hope you've found these resources helpful. I wish you the best on your studying journey to attaining the Security+ certification. With dedication, consistency, and perseverance you are bound to pass! 


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